Prefer to listen to a story? Several of my pieces are available in audio:

“The Cheesemaker and the Undying King”

Tana was in a humid cave checking the rind on a round of Tomme when the messenger arrived to tell her that the war was lost and her wife was to be hanged. 

Published by Lightspeed in May 2022

“Baby Teeth”

Laura watched from the window while Mama took the salt packets they’d pocketed from a Speedway and sprinkled a circle around the house to hide them from the monster.

Podcast by Podcastle in February 2019. Originally published in Gamut in November 2017.


Your mother taught you three things, up in the great white wilderness, before she went and shot that man.

Podcast by PodCastle in May 2018. Originally published in Shimmer in March 2017

“Marking the Witch”

Alina’s family had a history with witches.

Podcast by Toasted Cake in February 2019. Originally published in Flash Fiction Online in February 2017.

“Seven Permutations of My Daughter”

Of course I have so much free time in this world. My daughter is already dead.

Published by Lightspeed April 2017

“A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Lighthouse of Quvenle the Seer”

The lighthouse is a needle nearly black, visible only because of the nearby binary star system. Its builders died long before humans walked out of the primordial sea, and they took their secrets with them.

Published by Lightspeed in June 2018