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“The Blade, the Hammer” in Baffling (October 2022)

“The Cheesemaker and the Undying King” in Lightspeed (May 2022)

“The Night the River Meets the Sky” in Fireside Fiction (January 2022)

“Thin Red Jellies” in GigaNotoSaurus (February 2020)

“That Last Thin Shout” in Factor Four (January 2019)

“The Fall, The Water, The Weight” in Augur Magazine (Issue 1.2, 2018)

“A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Lighthouse of Quvenle the Seer” in Lightspeed (June 2018)

“Canada Girl vs. The Thing Inside Pluto” in Flash Fiction Online (April 2018)

“Baby Teeth” in Gamut (November 2017)

“BABY SHOES-HALF PRICE-ACT NOW!” in The Arcanist (October 2017)

“Seven Permutations of My Daughter” in Lightspeed (April 2017)

“Last Long Night” in Daily Science Fiction (April 2017)

  • Reprinted in Flash Fiction Online (November 2017)
  • Reprinted in Flame Tree Press’s anthology Lost Souls

“Extinctions” in Shimmer (March/April 2017)

“Marking the Witch” in Flash Fiction Online (February 2017)

  • Podcast by Toasted Cake (February 2019)