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Goodbye, Hello

What is it they say about the best-laid plans? In the past half year I’ve: applied to grad school and turned it down, moved halfway across the country sight-unseen with three-weeks notice, sold some stories and thrown away a mostly-completed novel. I left Ann… Continue Reading “Goodbye, Hello”


Here in the cold reaches of Michigan, we’ve had nothing but rain, sleet and unhappy-looking clouds so far this year. Last weekend the weather finally broke and so I spent Sunday ignoring all my various WIPs and tramping around town. We’ve got a 19th century… Continue Reading “SPRING!”

Hello, 2017

Well, it’s 2017. After the election I didn’t write much of anything until late December, and it’s only now, when this whole mess finally seems real and not like a terrible fever-dream that I’ve really gotten back in the saddle. It’s also really weird… Continue Reading “Hello, 2017”


In the last month, I have: Started a new job Started another new job Moved Sold a story to Flash Fiction Online (yay!) Had my computer break twice. Very expensively, I might add. Finished three short stories Which is to say life is going mostly… Continue Reading “Cobweb-Clearing”

What I Did This Week Instead of Writing

This week I took a vacation to the east coast (Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts mainly). Luckily–or unluckily–it was also the week when my increasingly-unreliable Macbook finally gave up the ghost. No writing got done, but I had a great time. Below are some… Continue Reading “What I Did This Week Instead of Writing”