Goodbye, Hello

What is it they say about the best-laid plans?

In the past half year I’ve: applied to grad school and turned it down, moved halfway across the country sight-unseen with three-weeks notice, sold some stories and thrown away a mostly-completed novel. I left Ann Arbor, where I grew up, for DC, a place I saw once for five days in the eighth grade. I have worked in libraries or museums continuously since I was eleven years old, and I left it for corporate America doing nothing remotely related to books and culture.

These are not choices I expected to make at all. And yet, it all feels right. I already feel like I belong to this place, more than I have with anywhere else I’ve lived. (And it doesn’t hurt that all the museums are free!) What strange turns we take.

It’s been awhile since my last post, so here’s what’s been happening writing-wise:

  • The silliest thing I’ve ever written (which, as a dear friend of mine pointed out, is really not so silly) is now available over at Flash Fiction Online. “Canada Girl vs. The Thing Inside Pluto” is about a superhero fighting an alien intent on consuming the Earth. Well, sort of. This story came out of a random-title-generator writing prompt, and I’m very proud of the finished product.
  • The first story I ever sold, “Extinctions” (Shimmer March/April 2017) has been podcast by Podcastle with narration by Setsu Uzume!  Its always so interesting to hear something that I wrote be read aloud–it brings a whole different dimension to the story. And Setsu’s voice is perfect.
  • I’ll have two stories out later this month: “The Fall, The Water, The Weight,” in Augur and “A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Lighthouse of Quvenle the Seer” in Lightspeed. More on those when they appear, but I’m happy that they’re coming out close together as they are about many of the same things–grief and moving on, holding on to the slimmest hopes, secret-keeping.
  • Looking ahead, my story “Last Long Night” (Daily Science Fiction April 2017) will be reprinted in Flame Tree Press’s Lost Souls anthology, scheduled for September. My story is going to be on a REAL DEAD TREE! And possibly also in a Barnes and Noble, if we still have B&Ns in September. Needless to say, I’m super excited to have one of those shiny covers in my hot little hands.

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