12 Thoughts on DC Rebirth

Yeah, I’m a little behind the times. But I just picked up DC Rebirth, and the Rebirth: Batman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League #1s, and boy do I have feelings on them. Originally this was going to be a structured post with actual paragraphs, but it turns out when you’ve been reading comics since you had object permanency it’s tough to keep on a single train of thought. (Also, Twitter has rotted my brain).

For context, I’ve read comics my entire life, and DC has always been my drug of choice. I stopped reading them during the whole New 52 debacle because the comics were no longer doing what I wanted them to, for a variety of reasons that no one wants to listen to me yammer on about. I’ve liked the press around Rebirth, so I’m giving DC another shot.

My totally subjective and emotional thoughts about Rebirth in no particular order:

1- Rebirth: Justice League is a team book where no two members of the team appear in the same panel except the Green Lanterns. In fact, I think the only interaction anybody has really is Batman and Cyborg talking over the comlink. This is always a bad sign for me. I read team books for the interactions–I’ve read enough “how the Justice League came together” stories for a lifetime, thanks. The concept is no longer new.

2- This whole exchange from Rebirth: Batman #1 fills me with joy:
batman rebirth #1 panelI love it when writers can have a sense of humor about Batman and point out that Bruce is kind of a ridiculous human being, because he is.

3- I don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on with Superman and Lois Lane.

4- YES WALLY WEST 1 IS BACK. He was a great character to use to introduce Rebirth–Wally’s always exemplified the happy, well-adjusted side of the DC Universe. He’s also in my top 10 favorite DC characters and his obliteration from the timeline was a major part of why I quit reading. I’m interested to see his relationship with Wally West 2 play out, but I just know that every single DC book is going to have a “Wally West? Which Wally West?” joke in the next few months. RESIST THE LOW HANGING FRUIT, WRITERS.

5- I’m so glad they’re walking back the silly “Wonder Woman is Zeus’s daughter” origin that New 52 gave us. Wonder Woman’s suffered a lot over the years from inconsistent characterization, and I appreciate that this seems to be a return to the “warrior for peace and truth” take.

6- Rebirth suffers from some of the same continuity issues New 52 did, though to a lesser extent. The problem with incomplete reboots is that new readers are still confused while old readers don’t want the recap. For “intro” comics, these issues depended a lot on New 52 specific events: Diana as the God of War, Superman’s whole whatever, the gang of Robins, two relatively new Green Lanterns.

Interestingly, DC Rebirth suffered the least from this problem, as it did a pretty good job of recapping the relevant storylines. Rebirth: Batman #1 did the worst. I did not read We are Robin or the last few years of Batman and Detective Comics so I’ve got no idea who Duke is or what’s up with his parents. This could have been cleared up in a couple panels and I wish the creators had stuck that explanation in.

7- I don’t want Watchmen anywhere near my DC universe. Ugh.

8- I’m glad none of these books had a senseless superhero-against-superhero battle. Generally everyone was written as an adult capable of using their words, and honestly that’s all I ask of comics these days.

9- I realize it’s difficult to convincingly write characters who are smarter than you are, but it would be nice to see the World’s Greatest Detective actually detect something once in awhile. That said, I didn’t mind the lack of detective work in Rebirth: Batman as much as I minded it in some past series or in BVS.

10- I’m never going to buy a series that puts out two issues a month. It’s too expensive.

11- Hal Jordan has all the personality of a sad potato and I was so happy to see that he’s not the Justice League’s Green Lantern this time around. Fight me.

12- Overall I like the new costume designs. Classic without being throwbacks. I’m iffy on the yellow-outlined bat symbol, but I’m always iffy on yellow. I’m reminded of that one comic (a Frank Miller comic, I think?) where Bruce rationalized the bat symbol with “I put a target on my chest because I can’t armor my head” and everyone was like, IT’S CALLED A HELMET BRUCE.


So, were these the DC comics of my dreams? Nah, not completely. But I think it would take a sizable culture shift at DC and another reboot for their comics to line up with the characterization in my head. I did enjoy them all and I’ll be picking up Trinity and Supersons when they come out in September, so I’d say they did their job.

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